CEVA comes from a Sanskrit word which interprets to the art of blessed action. It helps one’s spiritual growth and at the same time contribute to the improvement of a community. This is the art of unconditional giving where the act itself is a gift to everyone involved.

Three friends collaborate to found CEVA in 2015. After four years of existence as a social enterprise, our endeavors remain the same: growing profitable and sustainable enterprises which provide opportunities and benefits for the community we work with and whenever possible promote youth and women participation and leadership in our business and society. Our current portfolio includes community engagement, management consulting, property & interior, food & beverage and culture & lifestyle.

All of endeavors focus on people, planet and profit--a triple bottom line which would promote sustainability.

CEVA Community Engagement (est. 2019)

We focus our work in 2019 on economic empowerment for women and youth, building on our social entrepreneurial activities that we started in 2015. To address the community needs, our empowerment goals are to help facilitate workers to gain proper skills to get and maintain entry-level jobs and aspiring entrepreneurs to establish and run profitable, sustainable businesses. We use our other endeavors as a platform to advance this cause. Doing so, we are able to kick start the projects and hopefully start garnering support to scale it up.

CEVA Food & Beverage (est. 2018)

In 2018, we branched out to Food & Beverage with the launching Sang Pisang Bali, a strong nation-wide brand working with millennial team (Sang Pisang by Kaesang Pangarep) and with expansions in Q3 and Q4 2018. We are also working to establish a recycle program to serve our internal and community needs and promoting a circular economy.

CEVA Bali Culture & Lifestyle (est. 2015)

CEVA line of lifestyle and home décor products includes furniture (wood and synthetic rattan) and home wares, leather goods and premium gifts, traditional textiles, photography, prints and drawings. Our items are self-made and export-ready.

We offer intelligent designs for everyday living. Our lifestyle and home décor products exude modern sensibility—enriched by tropical flair with inspirations from Balinese, Indonesian and Indo-Pacific heritage. Working with local talents and women artists, we elevate artisan items into appealing, functional, high quality products designed to serve the global markets while continue to strive for excellence in craftsmanship.

We value artistic and ethical processes, integrity and fair trades; We promote ecologically-friendly practices; We make efforts to leave the least carbon footprints.

Background image by Amalia Firman