2019 Projects

We focus our work in 2019 on economic empowerment for women and youth, building on our social entrepreneurial activities that we started in 2015. Our overarching theme this year is “Collaborate, Empower and innoVAte” —abbreviated to “CEVA” and becomes our tag line as we continue our work in this field.

To address the community needs, our empowerment goals are to help facilitate workers to gain proper skills to get and maintain entry-level jobs and aspiring entrepreneurs to establish and run profitable, sustainable businesses.

We will continue using our growing portfolio of works/businesses (F&B, Property & Interior, Management Consulting, Culture & Lifestyle) as a platform to advance this cause. Doing so, we are able to kick start the projects and hopefully start garnering support to scale it up.

Actions Taken to Achieve the Goals:

  • Action #1 Skills training for entry-level jobs, including personal development (since 2017)

  • Action #2 On-the-job/practical training/internship in real business setting (since 2018)

  • Action #3 Entrepreneurship: from workers to business owners (to start in 2019)

Learning Exchange in March 2019

Representatives of CEVA will be attending the events related to the United Nations Women CSW 63 in New York, USA. We look forward to meeting with and learning from the advocates and supporters of the women and youth’s economic empowerment who will congregate in NYC and we hope to work together promoting the cause locally and globally.

Please contact info@cevabali.com, we look forward to connecting with like-minded individuals and organizations.

Background image by Amalia Firman